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An Artist Through Exploration

Aquiring Life


Tyler Schrader is an artist and designer based in the Adirondack Mountains of New York. He earned a Bachelor's degree in Drawing and Painting. Soon after, he transitioned into sculpture and design, embracing woodworking as his primary medium for the last decade. Inspired by the tactile and visual qualities of wood, he employs techniques such as intarsia, steam bending/lamination, lathe work, and carving to create intricate, organic forms. His work spans furniture, lighting, sculpture, large scale installations and digital renderings. 


Tyler's artistic process emphasizes spontaneity and discovery, ensuring each piece is unique and evokes a sense of wonder. In recent years, he has expanded his practice to include large-scale installations, aiming to foster a deeper connection between people and nature. These installations, characterized by intentional soundscapes, earth art aesthetics,and vibro-acoustics have become a sanctuary for rediscovering the beauty of the Earth, and the wonders within ourselves

In a harmonious fusion of woodworking and digital exploration, Tyler extends the narrative of his sculptures into the digital realm. Through a combination of filming and video editing, he creates mesmerizing visuals accompanied by his musical compositions, showcasing the dynamic interplay of space, movement, and sound in his work.

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