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Schrader is known for his organic and garbled wooden forms with a pinch of boundlessness. His focus is to create something collaborative between himself and the material. The resulting work combines the rawness of nature with visionary refinement.  


Schrader's work is intuitively guided through a mysterious path of discovery and reflection. Through this process of internal and external transformation, Schrader evokes balance, enchantment and beauty in his creations. He uses various mediums such as paint, wood, metal, glass and stone. 


He has expanded into photography and video making digital renderings by manipulating video of his suspension sculptures spinning in space.  He has also created musical soundscapes to accompany his visual pieces.


By continually innovating and breaking through comfort zones, he nurtures his process to further the identity, life and beauty of each piece.  

An Artist Through Exploration

Aquiring Life


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